Golden Oto (Latin Otocinclus Affinis)

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golden oto Otocinclus affinis
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SpeciesGolden Oto
Other namesGolden Otocinclus
Latin NameOtocinclus Affinis
Length 4 cm
Temperature21 - 26°C
Water Hardnesssoft - medium hard
pH7,0 - 5,5
Aquarium Size70 L

Golden Oto (Otocinclus Affinis)
Other names: Golden Otocinclus


This freshwater fish lives in shallow creeks and tributaries of Amazon River which have loads of plants.

Body description

This is small species. Colour of the body is brown-creamy with gray, irregular spots and light under-side. There is a dark, horizontal stripe from the nostrils throughout the eye to the base of the caudal fin. There is also narrow, creamy-gold, horizontal stripe on the sides of the fish, above the dark stripe. The caudal and dorsal fins have gray dots, other fins are clear. This species has a sucker-mouth and it can breathe atmospheric air. Female is thicker than male in the ventral parts.

Temperament and behaviour

This is quiet, peaceful species. It is usually active in the evening and at night. This fish eats green and brown algae.

Aquarium decoration

The aquarium should have a lot of plants, hiding-places, flat stones and other surfaces, dimmed light. This species is sensitive to water quality which includes accumulation of nitrites, ammonia, fluctuations of pH, water temperature and water hardness. You should feed these fish with food made of plants and blanched vegetables.


This is an oviparous species which spawn quite rare in the aquarium. Female lays eggs among plants, close to aquarium glass or among decorative elements. The eggs hatch after 2 days. The fry starts to swim and feed 3 days later. This fry is very small and gentle. The species usually comes fro import and it slowly acclimates to life in captivity. The fish often die within the first week of live in the aquarium.