American Leaf Fish (Latin Polycentrus Schomburgki)

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american leaf fish Polycentrus schomburgki
Wikimedia/Kaldari /CC0 1.0
SpeciesAmerican Leaf Fish
Latin NamePolycentrus Schomburgki
OriginSouth America
Length 7 - 10 cm
Temperature22 - 26°C
Water Hardnesssoft - medium hard
pH6.5 - 7.5
Aquarium Size100 L

American Leaf Fish (Polycentrus Schomburgki)


This fish lives in a reservoirs in South America.

Body description

Body of the fish is laterally compressed. Colour of the body is variable, from gray-brown to black with darker spots. This colour depends on habitat. The dorsal fin is prickly. There is almost no sexual dimorphism and the sex is difficult to distinguish. Female is a bit smaller, thicker and less colourful than male. These differences are especially visible during the spawning season.

Temperament and behaviour

This species usually is active in the night. It is a predatory fish. This fish feeds on small fish and other aquatic organisms. It hides among plants or a decorative elements during the day.

Aquarium decoration

You should keep these fish in single species aquarium. In a general tank you may only keep them with similar size or larger species. The aquarium should include a lot of plants, hiding-places, stony substrate and dimmed light.


This is an oviparous species. You should breed these fish in a separate tank with 28-30°C water temperature and plants with wide leaves. you transfer a pair of the fish to this aquarium. Female lays hundreds of eggs on the underside of the plant’s leaf. Male takes care for the roe, so you should remove the female. The eggs hatch after 2 days. The fry starts to swim and feed 4 days later. You should remove male too in that point. The fry grows fast but unevenly. The bigger fry can eat the smaller fry.