Pearl Gourami (Latin Trichogaster Leerii)

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pearl gourami Trichogaster leerii
Wikipedia/Stefan Maurer /CC BY-SA 2.0
SpeciesPearl Gourami
Latin NameTrichogaster Leerii
OriginSumatra, Borneo, Thailand
Length 11 cm
Temperature24 - 31°C
Water Hardnesssoft - medium hard
pH6.0 - 7.0
Aquarium Size100 L
Foodlive, frozen, dry

Pearl Gourami (Trichogaster Leerii)


This fish lives in small and warm ponds, trenches and paddy-fields.

Body description

This species has extra auxiliary respiratory organ known as the labyrinth organ. This organ allows fish to breathe atmospheric air, so they can live in oxygen-poor waters. Body of the fish is compressed laterally. The fish has elongated, thread-like appendages instead the pelvic fins. Colour of the body is pink-orange-red with silvery shine and light dots. There is a dark stripe spreading from mouth to the base of the caudal fin. Male is more colourful than female. He has red dewlap and elongated, sharpened the dorsal fin.

Temperament and behaviour

This is quiet, peaceful and somewhat shy fish. This species prefers to live in pairs. These fish are very susceptible to infection when their fins get damaged.

Aquarium decoration

This fish prefers a spacious tanks with strong light and low water level. It also likes loads of plants, floating plants and space to swim. Water must be clean.Partial water changes should be done regularly.


This is oviparous species. You should breed them in a separate tank. This tank should be quite big because female lays about 1000 eggs. The male builds a nest among floating plants. You should remove female after breeding. Male takes care and protects the roe and fry. The eggs hatch after 1 day. The fry starts swimming and feeding 4 days later. You should remove male at this point.