Variatus Platy (Latin Xiphophorus Variatus)

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variatus platy Xiphophorus variatus
SpeciesVariatus Platy
Other namesVariable Platy
Latin NameXiphophorus Variatus
OriginCentral America
Length 7 cm
Temperature20 - 27°C
Water Hardnessmedium hard
pH7.0 - 8.0
Aquarium Size60 L
Foodlive, frozen, dry

Variatus Platy (Xiphophorus Variatus)
Other names: Variable Platy


This freshwater fish lives in low current or standing reservoirs. This species prefers to swim in the middle or at the top of the water level.

Body description

Colour of the wild fish is variable – from yellow, green to blue. There is lot of dark spots on the fish body. There is several variants of this fish which are breeder in artificial conditions. The most popular is gold-olive with yellow-orange fins. This species is a bit smaller and thinner than southern platy-fish. Male is smaller than female. His anal fin is transformed into gonopodium – external copulatory organ.

Temperament and behaviour

This species prefers to live in pairs. It is peaceful and friendly fish. Males can be a bit aggressive towards each other. This species is omnivorous: it eats all types of food. It can also eat algae.

Aquarium decoration

The aquarium should include a lot of plants, floating plants, space to swim. Water in the tank should be clean.


This is a live-bearer species. Fertilization is internal. Female gives birth to up to 50 young. You can stimulate these fish to spawn by increasing water temperature. You should keep the fry in a separate aquarium because the parents can eat their offspring.