Acorus Gramineus (Latin Acorus Gramineus)

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acorus gramineus Acorus gramineus
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SpeciesAcorus Gramineus
Latin NameAcorus Gramineus
Length 15 - 20 cm
Temperature16 - 22°C
Water Hardnesssoft - hard
Substratefertile with addition of clay and peat

Acorus Gramineus (Acorus Gramineus)

Natural habitats this species are swampy and muddy coasts of lakes, ponds, rivers, paddy-fields, wetlands and floodplains in eastern parts of Asia.

This plant has creeping rhizome with green-olive, hard leaves. These leaves have pointed tips and they form dense clumps.

This is undemanding species but it grows slowly when it is completely submerged. It is also sensitive to rapid changes of water temperature.

This species should be planted in the foreground or middle of the aquarium in groups or singly.

This is spermatophyte plant. Its flower stalk grows above the water surface. In aquarium we reproduce it vegetatively - by dividing the rhizome.