Dwarf Ambulia (Latin Limnophila Sessiliflora)

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dwarf ambulia Limnophila sessiliflora
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SpeciesDwarf Ambulia
Other namesAsian Marshweed
Latin NameLimnophila Sessiliflora
Length 15 - 40 cm
Temperature20 - 26°C
Water Hardnesssoft - hard

Dwarf Ambulia (Limnophila Sessiliflora)
Other names: Asian Marshweed

This is a muddy plant and it comes from south-eastern Asia. Its natural habitats are standing and slow-moving reservoirs, swamps, wetlands in India, Sri Lanka, Japan, China and Pakistan.

The plant has vertical, not too much branched stems with green and feathery leaves. These leaves create whorls. Each whorl has a few leaves which form a circle around the stem. Only completely submerged plant looks like this. This species has extensive root system. It is often confused with Cabomba caroliniana but described specie is less demanding.

It should be planted at the back of the aquarium in groups of several pieces. We should systematic cut this plant when its stems take root. It can also horizontally grow.

This is undemanding species and it can grow in almost any conditions. Low lighting causes its slower growth and fewer its leaves. This species is sensitive to strong water flow. Tops of the plant can be reddish when we use strong lighting (more than 0.5 W per litre) and additional fertilization (especially iron and phosphorus).

This is spermatophyte plant but it develops flowers only above the water surface. In aquarium we reproduce it vegetatively - by seedlings from cut stems. We may cut the plant when it has minimum 15 cm long and we should remove bottom leaves before planting seedlings into the substrate.