Straight Vallisneria (Latin Vallisneria Spiralis)

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straight vallisneria Vallisneria spiralis
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SpeciesStraight Vallisneria
Other namesTape Grass
Latin NameVallisneria Spiralis
Length 30 - 60 cm
Temperature18 - 28°C
Water Hardnessmedium hard - hard
Lightmedium - strong

Straight Vallisneria (Vallisneria Spiralis)
Other names: Tape Grass

Natural habitats this species are shallow and deep, standing and fast-moving reservoirs from tropical to temperate climate zones.

This plant doesn't have a stem. It has only elongated, green, grassy, slightly twisted spiral leaves which develop directly from the roots. These leaves lay on the water surface in too small aquarium. Then they don't pass light into the tank and they limit gas exchange on the water surface.

We should plant this species at the back or on the sides of the aquarium in groups of several pieces. We don't have to cover the base of the roots.

The plant is small and dwarf when we don't have enough light. Otherwise it grows quickly and it quickly adjusts to a new environment. This species secretes lot of oxygen.

This is dioecy species - it has 2 variants of the plant: only with male flowers and only with female flowers. The male flowers separate from plant when female flowers spread their petals. Then male flowers connect with female flowers with the flow of water. Flower stalk with female flowers twists spiral and it completely submerges after pollination. The seeds ripen in the water. In aquarium we reproduce this species vegetatively - by the runners.