Aquarist Commandments

10 Aquarist Commandments

  1. You will never trust the pet store sales person.
  2. Remember that the sales person is telling the truth only when noticed that you actually know about aquaristics.
  3. You will always quarantine new fish and plants and other aquarium organisms.
  4. You will never keep fish in the aquarium bowl.
  5. You will never use aquarium without filter, live plants and lighting.
  6. You will never buy fish without checking that your aquarium can provide environment fish requires.
  7. You will never use chemicals to get rid of the algae.
  8. You will never try to save money by reducing amount and quality of light in the aquarium.
  9. You will never keep fish in hand to burn their skin.
  10. Remember that day of "part water change in aquarium" is like a saint day.

Commandments sent by readers

  1. You will regularly control pH and nitrates.
    - Martin from Poland
  2. You will quickly react when aquarium water parameters change rapiddly.
    - Martin from Poland

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