Jokes and funny stories about the aquarium

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Jokes about aquarium fish, sea, etc.

A fisherman took a boat to catch some fish.

When he sailed into open sea suddenly big shark emerged from the water and asks:

- Are you fishing?

The fisherman replies in shock:

- no no, I swear I came here to pick some mushrooms, I swear to God

Two aquarium fish had an argument and each went to a different end of the aquarium.
After a few minutes one of the fish comes to the other one and says:
- well, let's assume that there is no God.
.... So who changes the water?!?!?!

Johnny is digging a hole in the ground in the garden. Curious neighbor asks:
What are you doing?
I am making a hole to bury my goldfish.
But why this hole is so big?
Because it's in your cat.

Fisherman comes to the lake. Cuts out the airhole in the ice. Time passes by but he can not catch any fish. Froze his butt off.

After a while another fisherman comes and cuts out second airhole and cast a hook. After a while, he catches one fish, two, three ...
The first angler says:
- I have been here an hour, my butt is cold and I caught nothing, and you come here and caught a lot of fish. How are you doing it?
- wowms muuut bu wwwwooomm
- What?
- wowms muuut bu wwwwooomm
- What?!
The second spits what was in his mouth and shouts:
- Worms must be warm

Jokes sent by readers.

Mom asks Johnny:
- Johnny, would you change the water in the aquarium?
Johnny said:
- why? Fish have not drank all the water yet?
Sent by - Beti from Poland

Johnny comes in to the kitchen with soaking wet hair.
Mom asks:
-Johnny, why is your hair so wet?
Johnny responds:
-I was giving my fish a good night kiss.
Sent by - Erni from Poland