Choosing the aquarium for yourself

How to select the Aquarium?

This article will try to tell you about things you should consider before purchase an aquarium. But first we will explain why not to buy an aquarium bowl. 

Why not to buy an aquarium bowl?

Perhaps for many of you it sounds strange, but I appeal to all aquarists:


If you want to have fish you should buy at least 30 litre aquarium. If you do not want to spend money on an aquarium with capability of at least 30 litre than do not buy fish at all. Maybe it's better to buy a different pet.

In a tank like aquarium bowl fish feels like in a prison without place to swim, no place to hide because there is no plants, no water filtration which means no nitrifying bacteria. This bacteria decompose toxic nitrogen compounds. Lack of aeration causes the depletion of water from the life-giving oxygen, huge temperature changes because of the lack of water heater. Sometimes as light source people use desk lamp, which heats water to temperatures exceeding the limit. The amount of such light is inadequate. it is almost impossible to keep biological balance in the aquarium bowl. Fish usually die after several weeks (up to few months max). So I say again: ! DO NOT BUY THE AQUARIUM BOWL! Thank you in advance on behalf of the fish (fish will be certainly grateful).

If we are clear that the aquarium ball is a bad purchase I invite you to the second part of this article.

The size of the aquarium is very important.

Before choosing an appropriate aquarium you should think about its size so that all its dimensions will match to the interior and place it will be standing. It is believed that tanks with a capacity of 50 to 100 litres are most suitable for the beginner aquarist (the larger the aquarium, the easier it is to maintain its biological balance). Important are also the corresponding proportions of the aquarium (due to full utilization of light), so the height of the aquarium should be equal to its depth.

Type of aquarium due to the way of accomplishment:

Cast glass aquarium

This aquariums are very rare. The walls of the tank do not have equal thickness so the larger tank, the greater probability of cracks (the capacity of such tank should not exceed 30 litres).

Aquarium - glass in metal frames

Aquarium glazing are fixed by putty in the metal frame(iron, stainless steel, etc.). When buying such a aquarium you should check the glass for scratches, and air bubbles. You should also check if putty is not chipping. The disadvantages of such tanks include, among others: the possibility of frames to rust, fish poisoning compounds contained in the putty, paint, insulation of frame.

Aquarium made of glass panes bonded by silicone

The advantages of such aquariums are that there is no rust, do not pollute the water with chemicals, you can make few hundred litres aquariums and protect glass from bending (under the pressure of water) by connecting the upper edges with glass bars. There are aquariums with semicircular front glass available in sale, which present very nice. However, their cost is higher than cuboid aquariums and because of that I would personally recommend aquarium glued in the shape of a cuboid.

Aquarium made of high strength acrylic plastic

This type of aquarium is made entirely of high strength acrylic plastic. Disadvantages of such a tank: material is becoming yellow over time, tarnish and it is very easy to scratch it while cleaning. An important advantage of this aquariums is their low weight.

Which one should I choose?

I would personally recommend aquarium glued. They are very durable, do not cause water intoxication by adhesives used in the frame aquariums, no rust and nice look. The size of this aquarium can be freely adjusted to the customer needs, and the variety of sizes on the market ensures that everyone will find an aquarium which will fit their cupboard and will be enjoying the underwater world at home.