Aquarium background types

Aquarium will look much better if we will install appropriate background. Background can also behave as a thermal insulation.

Natural Background

Usually mounted inside the aquarium. It is made of dense planted aquarium plants at the back of the tank and varied pieces of wood and rocks, Lignite, stones, etc. The disadvantage of that background is that it takes a lot of space. Because of that it is recommended for large aquariums

Artificial Background

There is a lot of possibilities to create this kind of background. The easiest way is to buy an artificial background in the store. The cheapest one is the print of nice aquarium plants root, stones etc. Aquarists who have an artist abilities can paint the back of the aquarium or create a background in the wooden box. To do it you need to pour plaster in the wooden box and insert roots, wood, bamboo, reeds, stones, rocks, shells etc. This box need to be attached to the back of the aquarium.You can also buy them in the pet store.