Taking care about your aquarium.

When you have your aquarium running and all fish are already enjoying their new home the next step is to ensure that our underwater world is growing properly. Care is required not only by the fish and plants. All aquarium equipment needs attention also.

Actions required in the aquarium.

ActionHow often should be done
Fish feeding every day
Fish health inspection every day
Temperature Control every day
Technical equipment Function every day
Remove dead plant parts every day
Fill the water shortages Weekly
25% water exchange in the aquarium Every two weeks
50% water exchange in the aquarium every six months
Exchange fluorescent lamps Once a year
Remove organic elements from the substrate Every two weeks
Cleaning the front glass from algae etc.  Weekly
Filter cleaning Every two weeks
Plants vegetation control every month
Water parameter test Every two weeks
Prepare aquarium for winter Once a year


Light after waking up is an important issue due to the rapid habituation of fish, it's time for breakfast. While the molded fish congregate at feeders, we can easily observe their condition. Lighting shall be a minimum of 12 hours. Top inexpensive to install a timer to provide constant lighting time and the cost of such a device does not exceed $ 20. To read more about the selection of lighting go to - aquarium lighting

Livie food

If you have live food at home, you should replace the water every day and remove the dead debris from the bottom.


Fish fed twice a day - morning and afternoon. In the evening, we feed only the young, fast-growing fish - should be a small dose.Adding water

In addition to water, we must remember that it should be undone and have the parameters pH and hardness. Periodic replacement of the water is very important because of the accumulation of nitrogenous compounds which are harmful in excess (detrimental nitrite concentration above 0.2 mg / l).Cleaning the filter

When cleaning sponge filter is best to use water from the aquarium such as the periodic replacement of water. Water supply, water or too warm water effectively kills bacterial flora developed our filter. If you use more than one filter, it is best to rinse with a change in subsequent exchanges of water.Wintering

Winter in the aquarium

For each type of tank it is recommended to release active life as a wintering. Prepare most of our aquarium to late autumn. At that time, remove the excess fish, thinning plants, reduce the intensity of light (note the plant sun lovers), and lowering the temperature in the tank by 2-4 º C. At this time also reduce the frequency of exchange of water and food intake. After a period of growth we should replace most of the water and restore the pre-conditions of the winter season.

Getting the aquarium ready for holidays

If you do not have to fry just keep it a two-week vacation trip should not pose a threat to our fish. Adult fish can go without food for more than two weeks, especially when we reduce the temperature of the water (short-term lowering of the temperature in the summer is even recommended). If your trip is longer, you can use an automatic feeder that is programmed accordingly. As far as lighting is good when we can adjust (reduce its intensity) and when we have time off / switch to which it is connected. The total exclusion of light is not recommended. However, to the aquarium was well prepared for the time we were away, we need to give a few treatments: three days before departure nakrywowÄ… to clean the glass, the glass wall and the bottom of the tank, replace about ¼ of water in the tank, clean the filter, check the operation of the equipment and aquarium controls them in our absence.