Types of cover for the aquarium

1. Why you should cover your aquarium?

  1. Aquarium cover protects water surface from dust or other elements which can poison the water. It also protects fish from cat attack.
  2. Covering the tank prevents from fish jumping out of the water or snails to escape.
  3. Cover will create a special micro-climate in the space between the water and the cover (hot, moist air), which promotes the growth of plants and protects fish breathing atmospheric air against colds.
  4. Covering tank prevents evaporation of the water, which will save it losses and reduce frequency of the refills. 
  5. Cover also helps to maintain a constant temperature in our aquarium.
  6. Cover protects against electrical equipment faults because of the moisture.

2. Aquarium cover - practical advices.

Never put the covering glass directly on the aquarium - leave small gap for air circulation and to fish feeding. We use only the thin and light glass, plexiglass (the thicker the glass is the more light absorbs, but the larger the aquarium is then the thicker the glass must be - the alternative is the use of two smaller glass elements). If we will use plexiglass then it will let the ultraviolet to get throughout to the aquarium. Ultraviolet has germicidal action. Each type of cover should be kept clean from dust and other dirt. If we grow surface plants than we should place the glass under small angle - then water collected on the glass do not fall directly on the plants. You need to properly insulate all electrical components attached to the cover which may damage because of the moisture.