The best place to put aquarium.

When choosing a final place for your aquarium, we need to take into count various factors. Below I will try to show influence of various factors on the life in the aquarium. Also I will tell you about safety required for aquarium and things to consider before deciding where to put aquarium to make aquarium care as easy as possible.

Safety of the aquarium when choosing it's final place.

Final place for the aquarium.

If you want to select a location for your aquarium you should make sure that this place is not going to change in few weeks. Moving the aquarium which is already developed and filled with water is very difficult and may damage it.

Without vibration and shock

Area should be secure and free from shock and vibration. You should not to place an aquarium at the children's playground.

Stable surface for the aquarium

Aquarium should be placed firmly on a flat surface. Styrofoam plate is recommended to put under the bottom glass of the aquarium. It can also be a layer of felt or other insulating material. If you have an aquarium with metal frames then you should set it on wooden boards.

Robust base

When you look for the final place for your aquarium you should take into consideration the strength of the surface on which aquarium will be placed. It should be able to hold weight three times greater than weight of the tank (eg. if the tank weighs 100 kg surface should be able to hold 300 kg).

Weight of the aquarium.

This is the formula to calculate the weight of the aquarium:

Empty tank [kg] + water weight [kg] = weight of the tank [kg]

Since one litre of water weighs approximately 1 kg, the weight of water contained in the tank can be calculated using below formula:

length [cm] * width [cm] * height [cm] / 1000 = weight of water [kg]. 

Access to the water and electricity

Electrical sockets

Aquarium should be near an electrical socket. The best is not to use extension leads which lay on the floor as in case of water leak extension lead will be flooded. If you have no choice and need an extension lead than make sure it is attached firmly to the aquarium stand and is secured from water leaks  This will reduce the risk of electric shock in the event of a water leak from the tank or in case of aquarium breakage or damage.

Faucet with fresh water

It is very good when the aquarium is near a water source, giving us a supply of fresh water for aquarium. and facilitate regular partial water exchanges.

Water drain.

If we have drain placed close to aquarium we will be able to easy remove used water from the tank. It will definitely make water exchanges easy and quick. If we use the hose to remove water from the aquarium then it will save us the hassle of running around the house with buckets full of dirty water.

External factors impact on the life in the Aquarium

Direct Sunlight

The aquarium should be placed away from direct sunlight. Sunlight may cause rapid chemical changes in the aquarium water and increase water temperature amplitude between day and night. Sun may also increase algae growth.


Aquarium should be located in the area where drafts are not common. Drafts can chill aquarium glass and water which will lead to sudden temperature changes and could harm our aquarium pupils.