Aquarium fish feeding methods and food types

Proper feeding of the aquarium fish has influence on their rapid growth, proper development, the amount of energy needed to perform the duties of life, natural coloring and joining the spawning. Properly balanced diet (in terms of the amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins) is necessary for aquatic organisms the same as for a human.

1. Influence of the proper diet on the aquarium fish development

2. Division of fish due to the way of acquiring food

3. Characteristics of natural food for aquarium fish

Collected food we can store as fresh or as frozen. At temperatures below 20° C fish food can freeze up to one year without losing its nutritional value. Note that once thawed must be used within 2 days (do not re-freeze this food). Prior to freezing the food should be dried on the kitchen towel or other absorbent material.

4. Feeding the fry

There is a lot of redy made products to feed the fry on the market. However, you can also make the food yourself, which is certainly not an easy task. First of all, remember that food must be adapted to the mouth size of youngsters. For most of the species in the first days when fry starts to eat we give them very small food. It includes Rotifer also known as wheel animals, Cyclops or water flea, Diaptomus, the smallest Daphnia and Artemia Salina. You can catch them up with the fine net from ponds without fish. The smallest species of fish can be given food consisting of Protozoa such as Paramecium, Euglena Viridis or Tylenchida. We do not catch this organisms but we establish our own breeding environment. Larger fish should be fed with larger organisms. Some species of fish can be fed with dried food (genus Poecilia or many species of Danio), mashed cooked egg yolk (eg gold fish), crushed oatmeal (White Cloud Mountain Minnow, Paradise Fish  and species of the genus Trichogaster), algae (Flagfish, family poeciliidae). We use this kind of food in moderation so you do not overfeed the fish.

5. Hygiene eating fish